El Paso, Texas
Lives and works in Oberlin, Ohio


University of California at San Diego, San Diego, California M.F.A.
Whitney Museum ISP-Fellow
Cooper Union School of Art and Science, New York, New York, B.F.A.
Bucks County Community College

Academic Appointments:

1993-present Professor of Art, Oberlin College & Conservatory, Department of Art
2003-07 Chair, Studio Art

Academic and Professional Honors:

2006 – Excellence in Teaching Award, Oberlin College & Conservatory


2017- *ArtSit, The Letdown Reflex, invitational exhibition, Blackwood Gallery, University of Toronto, CA.

2017- *In Solidarity, Print Portfolio Invitational, The Women’s Studio Workshop, NY                                                                                                           2017- *You, Me, Us, Them, Downtown Gallery, Kent, Ohio
2017 – *The First 100+ Days (forthcoming) Invited artist, Spaces Gallery. Cleveland, Ohio

2017-*The Love Library, Zygote Press, Cleveland, Ohio, artist book invitational

2016 – *And Everything Else, Home Affairs, Feminist Art Festival, Amsterdam, Ohio,
2016 – *And Everything Else, Home Affairs, Fire Fish Festival, Lorain, Ohio
2015 – *And Everything Else, as part of The Let-Down Reflex, EFA Project Space, N.Y.C, NY, with Home Affairs (Arzu Ozkal, Claudia Pederson, Nanette Yannuzzi)
2015 – The Venus Vault-Feminist Planetarium, a part of “The People’s Museum of Revisionist Natural History with Arzu Ozkal, SPACES Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio
2015 – *Traces in the Dark,  & The Imaginary Archive, ICA Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania
2015 – *Home Affairs, (May 2015), Art Produce Gallery, a collaborative print project with artist Arzu Ozkal, San Diego, California
2014 – *Tehuana, Invited Artist: Armoire Magazine, featured theme, ‘The White Dress” Collaboration with Nyima Coleman & Photographer J. Seyfried. A photographic series based on Frida Kahlo’s self-portrait from 1948, ‘Untitled’.
2014 – *Unruly Engagements: On the Social Turn in Contemporary Art and Design,  Invited participant, Performance: Frack-Age, The Cleveland Institute of  Art,  with artist Melissa Smedley (November 2014)
2014 – *Book Ends, An invitational exhibition featuring Ohio artists who recycle books from their original form to alter their appearance and/or meaning, the event. LCCC, Lorain, Ohio
2014 – *The Imaginary Archive. “A heterogeneous collection of real and fictional printed materials documenting a future whose past never arrived.” curated by Gregory Sholette and Olga Kopenkina, The Saga of R. Perry and the Pyura Chilensis: Artists Book IA Kyiv, Ukraine: Les Kurbas National Theater Arts Center
2014 – *Home Affairs, with Arzu Ozkal, ODTÜ Kültür ve Kongre Merkezi, Çankaya, Ankara, Turkey. Home Affairs is an ongoing print project by Arzu Ozkal and Nanette Yannuzzi that challenges mainstream representations of motherhood through a series of photographic prints.
2013 – *enact-‘Jury Selection Award’ in the 17th Annual Japan Media Arts Festival. The Japan Media Arts Festival is a comprehensive festival of MediaArts (Media Geijutsu) that honors outstanding works in the four divisions of Art, Entertainment, Animation, and Manga
2013 – *The Imaginary Archive. “The Saga of R. Perry and the Pyura Chilensis. exhibited at: <Rotor-center for Art>, as part of “Measures of Saving the World Part 3” Graz, Austria as part of Steirischer Herbst.
2012 – *17 Days, Video Series, Gwen Frostic School of Art, Western Michigan University, *Mission: Cleveland Land Mass, Video Performance collaboration with Arzu Ozkal
2012 – *Recollection, SDSU University Art Gallery, Misson: Cleveland Land Mass, Video Performance collaboration with Arzu Ozkal
2011 – *Video Night, IIthaca#3, Station923, *Mission: Cleveland Land Mass, Video Performance with Arzu Ozkal
2011 – *Farmed: Agronomy and Agriculture, featured exhibition. SPACES Gallery Cleveland, Ohio, featuring: *Mission: Cleveland Land Mass, Video Performance with Arzu Ozkal,
2011 – *Open Engagement: Art and Social Practice, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon. Invited. *How to Explain a Contemporary Art Audience to a Robotic Hare  Performance as part of Open Engagement, with Arzu Ozkal
2010 – *Homage: Ritual in Transfigured Time, Performance, with Arzu Ozkal, Cleveland Cultural Gardens, Cleveland, Ohio.                                                             2009 – *Translation & Conversion: A Meditation on the Everyday, with Suat Ogut Iz Oztat, Sarah Schuster, with assistance from Ian Warren, Amy Rinaldi & Sara Krugman, Istanbul, Turkey
2007 – *Via Gut-Video Performance-Action with artist Iz Oztat, Mazi Turkey         2005 – *House Works: A Chronicle of the Small, Installation, Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin, Ohio
2001 – *Umbilicus: North/South/East/West/Center, Drawings and Sculpture, Wooster College Museum of Art, Wooster, Ohio
2001 – *RED, installation, Collaboration with the late poet Calvin Hernton, Here-Here Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio

2016 – The Politics of Being a Parent in the Art World, Gregory Sholette, Hyperallergic, March, 4, 2016.
2016 – And Everything Else, by HA! Home Affairs, Claudia Pederson, featured Portfolio, Afterimage: The Journal of Media Arts and Cultural Criticism, Vol 43, no 5
2016 – Home Affairs at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Project Space, Lines Between-Karen Brummund
2016 – On the Parent-Shaped Hole in the Art World, CANADIANART, Maibritt Borgen, February
2016 – Ready for Fest, The Morning Journal, Lorain, Ohio, September 2016
2015 – Traces in the Dark, The Archive, pub. Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania
2014 – Afterimage: A Journal for Media Arts and Cultural Criticism, review by Douglas Max Utter:
2014 – On the Maidan Uprising and ‘Imaginary Archive’ in Kiev, Hyperallergic, July 16, 2014 by Gregory Sholette
2014 – The Imaginary Archive, Kyiv, Ukraine. Translation of review upon request.
2014 – Women’s Studio Workshop: Nanette Yannuzzi: The Private & the Political
2014 – Oberlin Alumni Magazine, Winter 2014, Vol 108. no 4. ‘Instructions for Publishing an Article about a Conceptual Art Project Written by the Organizers of the Project’
2012 – ‘WEAD: No Time for Complacency’, “Relief Valve/Subap” by N.Yannuzzi & A. Ozkal,
2010 – Emanations, AG3: Online, The Third Annual International Gins and Arakawa, Architecture and Poetry Conference.
2005 – Trace Elements, catalogue, Allen Art Museum, Oberlin, Ohio
2005 – Cleveland Plain Dealer, ‘Trace Elements’, Steve Litt
2005 – The Chronicle, ‘Leading by Example’, Steve Fogarty
1996 – WhiteWalls : A Journal of Language and Art #37, Tourists Voyeurs and Exiles with artist M. Smedley.

2013 – enact-
An exhibition of the work of 60 artists whose contributions were inspired by the 1970 project: Art in the Mind. See link for curatorial statement. Curator’s Yannuzzi  and Torke
2012 – ‘The Fire that Doesn’t Go Out’, co-curated with Sylvia Watanabe, R.D. Baron Gallery, Oberlin, Ohio
In recognition of the one-year anniversary of the March 11, 2011, Great Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, Oberlin Shansi and Oberlin College co-sponsored a multidisciplinary symposium and art exhibition on the global impact of the ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan. Seventeen artists from the US and Japan exhibited their work in this month-long exhibition.
2010 – Relief Valve/Subap, Co-curated with Arzu Ozkal. Relief Valve was an exhibition of the artwork of thirteen artists from Turkey. Each artist addressed environmental issues within their community or the country at large. Using a variety of media from photography and video, to performance and installation, the selected art works provide insight into land use, biodiversity and the controversy over genetically modified foods in Turkey. Relief Valve/Subap curators converted the lower level of the straw bale office building at The New Agrarian Center into a temporary gallery.

All public installations listed below originate from personal interest, eventually finding their way into my teaching where students are given the opportunity to experience, first hand, the many levels of engagement necessary to complete a public work.

2011 – Earthen Clay Wall: The New Agrarian Center in collaboration with Anna Wolfson OC ’06 and students enrolled in Art & Environment.
2009 – Arbor Gateway, Slavic Village, Green Corps Urban Garden. Collaboration with Cleveland Botanical Gardens and artist Kristopher Perry & students enrolled in Art & Environment, Oberlin College.
2007 – Bas Relief Mural-The New Agrarian Center. In collaboration with Chris Fox and students enrolled in art & environment.


-Juror, Parents Residency Grant, Women’s Studio Workshop, 2016                       -Nominator, SWAP (Spaces World Art Program), Spaces Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio, 2016
-Participant, SPACES-Guide to the Galaxy, Annual Benefit, SPACES Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio, 2015
-Nominator, SWAP Spaces World Art Program), Spaces Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio, 2014
-Juror R&D Grant, Spaces Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio, 2013

-Grinnell College, IA, Program Review September 2014
-Kenyon College-Program Review 2005

Tenure Reviews:
-University of Minnesota
-Carlton College

-GOLEB Residency, Amsterdam, Netherlands, July 2016
-The Art of Text, Kenyon Review, Kenyon College, Ohio, June 2015
-Artist residency, Women’s Studio Workshop, NY 2014
-Grant-in-Aid, Oberlin College, WSW, Project Grant 2013-14
-Grant-in-Aid, Oberlin College, Artist Books–Land & Water series 2012
-GLCA-New Directions Grant 2011
-Grant-in-Aid, Oberlin College 2010
-Artist Residency-CURA-BODRUM, Bodrum, Turkey 2008
-Teaching Grant, Oberlin College 2008
-Teaching Assistant Grant, Oberlin College 2008
-Grant-in-Aid, Oberlin College 2008
-Powers Travel Grant, Istanbul, Turkey Oberlin College 2007
-Grant-in Aid, Oberlin College, 2006
-Curriculum Development Grant/Art and the Environment 2006
-Research and Development Grant 2006:
-Center for Book Arts, Papermaking, Dobbin Mill, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York, 2004
-Research and Development Grant, 2003 Oberlin College
-Mellon Grant-Curriculum Grant/New Course, Art & Environment 2003
-Mellon Grant-Information Literacy/thru Oberlin College Library 2002
-Ohio Art Council/Individual Artists Grant 1997

-Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2016
-TURKEY, Istanbul and the western coastal regions, 2007,08,09,
-ITALY, Siena, Florence, Rome, Naples, 2006
-VENEZUELA, Caracas, Venezuela (exhibition and travel through the Amazon/Orinoco River Basin), 1991
-Mexico-Ensenada, Tijuana, Guadalajara and Aquas Calientes, Jalisco, Ciudad, Juarez.


In Solidarity, Print Portfolio:

Library of Congress, University of Delaware, Virginia Commonwealth University, Yale University, Bucknell University, Vassar College, University of Michigan, Indiana University, Rochester Institute of Technology, Ohio State University, New York Public Library, Bennington College, Ringling School of Art and Design-Pepi and Torke, Vancouver, B.C.

-Pepi and Torke, Vancouver, B.C.
-Don Harvey and Susan Murray, Cleveland, Ohio
-Robert and Joan Menapace
-The Cooper Union School for the Advancement of Science and Art